Key steps

Key steps

Main phases to getting certified :

1/ Diagnosis

Define crucial and first-and-foremost challenges, and what will constitute the basis of sustainable management policy thanks to all involved parties (internally and externally). this phase helps highlighting what has already been initiated and planned but also permits to identify expectations and demands from partners, thus opting for relevant and long-term sustainable policy.

2/ Giving legal frame to working methods

That is defining a feasible and motivating action plan (issue, objective, action, piloting, indicators, deadline), writing down procedures (grounded on existing schemes), making all parts aware of and involved in the issue. Implementing the schedule relies on launching the action plan and giving working methods legal frame so as to make them efficient and replicable.

3/ Constant improvement

The process is constantly checked and assessed (through internal auditing , newsletters, etc.). This management system is maintained until the event takes place, and ensures regular backing within a continuous improvement scheme. This generates enthusiasm within the teams and external communication about the quality of organisation.


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