Our customer testimonies

Corinne Denuet - Atlantia

The Green Evénements Head Office team, which accompanied us on this project immediately, clearly grasped the issue behind Atlantia (La Baule). Green Evénements advised us and taught us how to set up a sustainable development set of rules, which we applied to our event-related set of actions, matching this with our company's strategic plan and combining it with all bodies involved.

Louise Vigliandi - Clamageran

Our ISO 20121 certification process has thoroughly been supervised by Green Evénements. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise in this matter we have benefited from constant guidance and advice that proved efficient and relevant. Their staffs have proved so involved that our teams have clearly become sensitive to the approach and gained in team spirit to be awarded this certification in April 2015.

Pierre-Hugues de Lastic - Eurydice

Green Evénements never let us down throughout this project and we have now succeeded in building a true constructive and proactive relationship around the subject. There were regular exchanges between the two companies...with more to come in the future...